Friday, August 29, 2008

Things I Saw at the State Fair

1. The Sea Lions, cute cute cute
2. The Tigers, beautiful, fearsome, fascinating
3. The Baboons, sassy, not self-conscious (if you know what I mean)
4. Beautiful Brown Swiss calf, hungry, tried to suck my fingers
5. Forest department's huge mules
6. Sand sculpture of Mt. Rushmore and a few other symbols of our country
7. Lots of junky souvenirs
8. Corn on the cob for $3.50
9. Funnel cakes for $7.00
10. Lots and lots of rabbits
11. Some really really strange art work
12. A very realistic looking doll handcrafted by someone. It was so real looking it was spooky.
Kinda gave me the creeps.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Okay, Here are the Rest

Hope chest - bottom drawer
Suspenders - braces
hotdog bun - bridge roll
Recess - break (school)
Thread - cotton
Dry-goods store - draper
rubber cement - cow gum
Electric cord - flex
Water heater - geyser (gas)
Green thumb - green fingers

Did I forget any?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Few Answers

OKAY. Here are a few of the answers:

hamburger bun - bap
roller coaster - big dipper
trailer truck - articulated lorry
cookie - sweet biscuit
cracker - unsweetened biscuit
face flannel - wash cloth
hairgrip - bobbypin
oven cloth - pot holder
number plate - license plate
fish slice - spatula/turner

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Come on, give it a try

I'll give you the answer someday soon.

Friday, August 22, 2008


We like to pretend we speak English in the United States. Maybe, but we don't necessarily speak British! Answer the following questions. What is British for:
1. hamburger bun
2. roller coaster
3. trailer truck
4. cookie
5. cracker
6. hope chest
7. suspenders
8. hotdog roll
9. recess
10. thread

What is American for these words:
1. face flannel
2. draper
3. cow gum
4. fish slice
5. flex
6. geyser
7. hair grip/kirby grip
8. green fingers
9. number plate
10. oven cloth

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New Look for My Blog (but not for me)

Like my new blog look? Thanks to my daughter Kay. Why should I learn to do this stuff when I have two knowledgeable daughters?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Sweet Time

On Mondays (three times a week) I take the Sunday sermon tape to one of the nursing homes. This week I was having difficulty finding available and willing customers. Some of the regulars were still in bed, two were in the beauty shop, some just didn't want to come. I ended up with four ladies, all of whom are regulars. The sermon was about faith, Heb. 11:1-4, about Cain and Abel. It was an excellent sermon. Afterwards, I asked the ladies if there were any prayer requests. Instead, they talked about the sermon ( thought some of them were asleep). Somehow I had unintentionally positioned their wheelchairs into a semi-circle. I sat down with them. Then it was the perfect thing to do.; we held hands. One lady's hands are twisted with rheumatoid arthritis, but she grabbed on. A couple of them prayed and I prayed. It was so sweet and it gave me shivers (I just shivered, just now). When we have finished, we realized why the others didn't come. God wanted that to happen and it probably wouldn't have if the others had been there. Plus, it was probably the first time a staff member had not come through the room, interrupting the mood. Again, Lord, do it again!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Total Reassurance

Many years ago we had a pastor who apparently liked to cause people to doubt their salvation. I figured he wanted credit for it somehow. In fact, at his previous church, a lot of members got saved under his preaching! I think he liked to do that, cause doubts and then "reap the harvest". Well, I spent some time doubting my salvation. He said "if you don't remember the day, the date, the time, what you said, and the place, you're not saved." So, I am not even sure how old I was, what the date was, what the day was, but I know the place. I know that I felt a "bale of hay" lift off my shoulders. But, wait a minute, he said you can't go by feelings or sensations! I settled it one day at the altar, and realized that I already had Jesus "in my heart".

I recently found a little purse-sized Bible in with some old stuff. The cover is almost off and it is falling apart. Inside the back cover is the autograph of that pastor, and underneath it is written:
Dear devil,
I know I am saved and you will not make me doubt again!!"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

That interesting blog again

I hope you haven't forgotten to check on that blog I mentioned, the one about the African Children's Choir ( Her mother commented on my blog and thanked me for mentioning it. If you haven't looked at it, you must. Check out Dave's He's part of the group and you can leave comments on his, but not on hers.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cutest Animals

Check this out Cutest Animals You don't have to read the comments (some are rank).

The Eyes of the "Unloveables" - Re-post

Today was our church service at a local mental health care center. While Carl was speaking, I was looking at each person sitting there. All were listening carefully and respectfully. Because I also go there weekly to do a "Bible study", I know them all pretty well.I saw in their eyes a soul and spirit that God had placed there. A spirit which has been beaten up by mental illness and the stigma that goes with it. In spite of that, most of them are friendly and as happy as they probably can be anywhere. I know that a lot of them had been basically turned away by their families because of years of mental illness, behavior problems, drugs, or alcohol. Many do have family members who are in contact. Many have schizophrenia or bipolar diagnoses and have probably been sick most of their lives. There are a few elderly but most are probably under 60, many in their 30s or 40s. I was thinking... "who loves these people?" I do. They trust me and treat me very well. Some of the staff love them. Some have worked there for many years and consider the residents their own special family. Others can't take it for very long but it's just as well that they move on. It is a difficult place to work. Every staff member has to know all the behavior modifications for each resident, if there is a problem. Who else loves them? God, for sure. For some reason he allowed them to be affected by mental illness. Why, I don't know. But whenever someone treats them kindly, he is treating God's creation kindly, and He gets the glory.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

An Angel Unaware?

Nancy's comment on my Family Reunion story triggered this memory.

Several years ago, my daughters and I stopped to eat at a Taco Bell. As we were eating, I noticed an obviously homeless young man standing outside the entrance. He was not asking for money or food. He stood there for a while and then left. We grabbed our stuff, ordered two burritoes and a drink to go, and hurried to the car to follow him. He had disappeared but I realized that there was really only one reasonable direction for him to go. I drove around and there he was! We rolled up near him and my daughter called him over. He came and we asked him if he'd like some burritoes. He looked at us, with the most beautiful blue eyes, and said "Thank you", took the food and walked towards the back of a building. One of the girls exclaimed, "Mom! He has angel eyes!" He did indeed!

I think about him often.


I found this on Inspirational Archives

Jewish Sons
A Jewish father was concerned about his son who was about a year away from his Bar Mitzvah but was sorely lacking in his knowledge of the Jewish faith. To remedy this he sent his son to Israel to experience his heritage. A year later the young man returned home.
"Father, thank you for sending me to the land of our Fathers," the son said. "It was wonderful and enlightening, however, I must confess that while in Israel I converted to Christianity."
"Oy vey," replied the father, "what have I done." So in the tradition of the patriarchs, he went to his best friend and sought his advice and solace.
"It is amazing that you should come to me," stated his friend, "I too sent my son to Israel and he returned a Christian."
So in the tradition of the patriarchs, they went to the Rabbi. "It is amazing that you should come to me," stated the Rabbi, "I too sent my son to Israel and he returned a Christian. What is happening to our sons?" Brothers, we must take this to the Lord," said the Rabbi.
They fell to their knees and began to wail and pour out their hearts to the Almighty. As they prayed the clouds above opened and a Mighty Voice stated,
"Amazing that you should come to Me. I, too, sent My Son to Israel....."
- Contributed by LMMyers

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Reunion

It was so hot here yesterday, even in a park under huge trees, with a river running just feet away. A cousin and his wife came from Oregon. They hadn't come before, that I know of. There weren't very many there, only about 26, probably mostly due to gasoline costs and other commitments. Relatives on my father's side started the reunions, but now there are about as many relatives on my mother's side. We had a good time and of course had lots of food. We have had some much more interesting reunions. One year, an old fellow was in the park with his bicycle, which had a box tied onto the back wheel, and in that box he had his old cat. I went over and invited him to eat with us, which he did. His story was that he has a home (I forget where) but he liked to travel around that way. He had come down the canyon road and someone in a pickup had given him a ride to our town. I knew by looking at his cat that she probably had leukemia and was about to die. He was quite an interesting person. Very learned in his speech and manner.

One other time there was a homeless man wandering around and we invited him to eat with us. He did, and was very courteous. He told us he moved to this town to live with his daughter, but that they had "fought" and he moved out. When he started to leave, I asked him if he'd like to take something for later. He rudely said, "No!". Then he caught himself and replied in a more friendly manner, "No, thank you." I knew that I had violated some code that implied that he was homeless.

Another year, an old dog lay under the tree close to us and slept. When we were getting ready to leave, he walked back across the park to his home!

P.S. Sorry you couldn't make it, Queen. The others didn't either. K. H. had to work. Don't know about B. S. (oops) :)